Instructions for Use

photo (15)Corsets are designed to be worn daily, even while you sleep.  The tight and formfitting garment works to MOLD and RESHAPE the mid section while you sleep.

FOR A FIRM BUTT: Button the corset from the top to the bottom.

For FIRM BREASTS: Button the corset from the bottom to the top.


The style of the garments ensure that no seams will show through under-clothing. Due to the memory fabric used, the corset will mold to you body shape and adapt to your weight while always returning to it’s original shape once the corset is removed. If you lose or gain weight, the garment will NOT be stretched out and will have 100% recovery. For comfort, the fabric is powernet and cotton lining, which allows the garment to stretch vertically and horizontally.

02Corset Training 101: once you have reached your desired waist size. After months of wearing it, you will need to wear it occasionally to maintain your new shape be patient and don’t rush training by over doing it!!!

The steel boning of a Corset is what keeps everything in place. The right Corset can eventually take 4-5 inches off your current waist size. they are THAT effective!!!

** If you experience discomfort, place a thin layer (tank top/cami) between corset and clothing.

** Important put BRA on AFTER you put Garment on to reduce high cleavage!

** Disclaimer: Free of liability for allergenic reactions, bruising for garments worn too tight.

** Warning: Consult your physician prior to use if you are subject to back, neck, circulatory or other conditions that may be exacerbated by the use of this product.

Now your RESHAPING & Molding has begun!

Thanks for allowing us to help make, PREMIUM BODIES.

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