How do I wash the Corsets:

Wash these garments by hand in lukewarm with non-scented detergent. Use non
chlorine bleach to remove any tough stains. Do not use dryer to dry garment. Air drying your
corset will preserve elasticity & smoothness of the fabrics.

Can I exercise in the Corsets:

You can excercise but it’s not recommended

Can I sleep in the Corsets:

The garments are made with a durable latex/linen blend that allows comfortable
movement while still maintaining the extra firm control.

What material are the Corsets made out of:

The garments are a Latex, Linden, Spandex blend

Will the Corset show under my clothes:

If worn properly the garment will fit flat and smoothly against your body. The only sight
will be your natural curves.

How do I pay for my Corset:

Visit our website or our PayPal site. We accept Visa, Mastercard and checks online.

When I pay for my order how long before it is shipped:

Once we receive confirmation of your payment your order will be processed for
shipping immediately based on our current inventory.

When is the estimated arrival of garment?

If in stock 3-7 business days!

How are the orders shipped:

The garments are securely shipped via USPS. Tracking numbers can be provided.

Can I pick up my order in person:

We have offices in Chicago, IL and any orders can be picked up Monday-Friday, 10am- 5pm.

What is the Warranty:

When you shop with Premium Bodies, you can be assured that you are receiving
a high quality product. The garment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which covers
manufacturing or quality defects in any materials used during production. When purchasing a
garment, be sure to choose the correct size. The warranty is void and the company is free of
responsibility if the garment is damaged due to improper use.

What is the Return Policy:

Due to hygienic and sanitary reasons, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges for
used and/or worn garments.

Having trouble ordering? Send us an email.


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