$70.00$85.00 $64.99$85.00

Long Corset

Latex covered in cotton. Lose measures instantly. Corrects posture. Help you lose weight. 4X and 5X are...

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3.5 Ounces per Bundle

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$55.00 $40.00

Butt Enhancer

One size fits all  Women (U.S.) Sizes 4-12. Available in Black only.

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Firming Cream

Helps to tighten skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks. For amazing results, use with a Premium...

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Corset Vest – Blue (Sports)

Latex covered in cotton. Lose measures instantly. Corrects posture. Help you lose weight. Reduces inches in waist...

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Men’s Compression Shirt

Great for Everyday Wear! Lose Inches off your stomach! Compression shirt stays hidden under normal clothing!...

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Men’s Workout Cincher

Great Men’s shaping tool Ideal for exercise and workouts. Helps you lose weight by compressing your stomach...

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These Corset's are Training Corset's which trains your body to a desired stomach or waist size!

Unlike other corset's or girdle's this one compresses you stomach making you feel full (so you eat less) and Instantly reduces inches in your waist & stomach. Wear this garment as much as you can tolerate it(including overnight) to get to your desired stomach & waist size. Once you have reached your desired size, you MUST wear occasionally to maintain desired size!!!!!

IMPORTANT** When your corset arrives (It may appear your corset is too small) you WILL need help getting into the Corset

-- You pull and your help hooks the Corset in the 1st hook, after hours, days or weeks (depending on comfort level) you should be able to get to 2nd hook and put corset on yourself without help!



** Hook garment from Bottom to TOP make Breast firm...
**Hook garment fromTop to Bottom to make Butt firm...
**Remember this is a graduating process!

Delivery of Garment:

In Stock within 3-7 business days.
Premium Bodies is a premier supplier of corsets and most sizes are always in stock.